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and welcome to our little hodgepodge pocket of the world, happy to have you!


Here at Ox Cart Farm you'll find an eclectic mix of the collective talents of Stephanie and Luke Conner.


Our drive is an innate connection to nature and the pursuit of a slower, simpler way of life. Several years of growth led us to find a place to call our own on the outskirts of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains at the very beginning of 2020. We have been dedicated to transforming this farm into a place for our family to flourish and are thrilled to provide slow flowers, heirloom vegetables, pastured beef and eggs to our local communities as well as whatever else our hands can create.


woman gardening planting tomatoes
cows in a green pasture

Our HOMEGROWN offerings are proud to be created with thoughtful farming practices and respect to the land. Flowers and vegetables are grown from non-gmo seed sourced from ethical seed growers and our entire property never sees any toxic sprays, herbicides, or pesticides. We strive to restore a healthier ecological balance on our farm and in our soil to translate to fulfilling nutrient dense food for all of us. 

Our animals are tended to with the upmost care and handled using low stress practices in a natural environment, pasture-raised and enjoying the shade of the hundred year old oaks. We use regenerative agricultural practices to best care for our animals and the environment we all share.


man with mountain wooden cutting boards

Our HANDCRAFTED offerings are a fun collection of our most recent inspirations. Whenever life allows we feed our souls and indulge in the countless art forms that speak to us. From a diverse variety of wooden creations big and small... to custom watercolor house portraits... to hand-embroidered wall art... you'll find a little something for just about everyone.


woman with a camera in a botanical garden

PHOTOGRAPHY has always been a bit of a passion. I've always been a visual learner and can get carried away through photos in the same sense of creative imagination that books bring. I've always been captured by the emotions that can be evoked through and from a photograph, enchanted by the preservation of time in film. It is nothing short of a privilege to create those cherished heirlooms for you. I strive to create a fun, comfortable environment and love to catch deep emotion and candid moments for you. Family portraits, engagement, maternity, childhood milestones, headshots, let's work together!

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is also food (surprise, surprise) and I've had the privilege of working with some talented chefs and restaurants. I would love the opportunity to showcase incredible cuisine again, reach out and let's create some delicious marketing for your business!


family with oxen

Our OXEN definitely hold the most special place in our hearts out of all of our furry family members on the farm. We feel incredibly privileged to be able to share our lives and communicate so closely with such majestic animals. We've had the honor of working on various films together, teaching the public about farming and history through demonstrations, ushering brides and grooms on their most special day, logging ancient trees out of thick forest, and much more! We are open to new opportunities near and far, and look forward to whatever adventures life has in store for us all.


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