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We are looking forward to a bountiful 2024 on our farm, where we use sustainable, no-spray growing practices, honoring the land and naturally feeding the soil. We are excited to start offering slow flowers, quality heirloom vegetables, fresh eggs and more to our local communities


I've always been inspired by the inexplicable beauty and joy that comes from flowers.
Their unique attributes from one to the next - the energy that pours from them - their medicinal properties - they are just pure goodness! After learning more about the pitfalls and economic damage of our modern flower industry, it lit a fire under me even more to fill that hole in our local community. It is largely unspoken that up to 90% of the flowers sold in the US are imported, and almost all are grown in potent neurotoxic poison that ravishes the soils they are grown in and the human workers that grow them. The need for locally grown blooms isn't only an adoring treat, but a step toward a more sustainable, healthy community! We may be small, but we respect and recognize the rippling affects of every small step toward a better world and by enjoying our products you are thoughtfully participating in this vision and taking a step of your own. Enjoy a deep whiff of our gorgeous fresh blooms and rest assured that you and the butterflies and the honeybees are getting only good things from it. Added bonus - a lot of our blooms are also edible, and stay tuned for dried arrangements available when the weather gets cool. 



Full disclosure - once you've tasted a store-bought tomato next to a local, garden-fresh heirloom variety
- you'll be hooked! There's no comparing that bland supermarket offering to something that was grown in local soil, cultivated in a sustainably balanced environment. The mileage in between you and
where your food grows has more of an impact on you, our environment, and the greater world than many people realize. We are eagerly anticipating sharing our hard work and love for our land and it's many blessings with you. We love growing tried and true varieties and exploring new unique heirlooms, and we strive to source from only responsible, ethical seed growers.



Nutritious eggs and beef come from happy, loved chickens and cows, grazing free-range on our property and supplemented with non-gmo feed. We honor our animals and take great pride and joy in the stewardship of our land and those who inhabit it. Our fresh chicken eggs are currently available and we are anticipating providing beef in late 2024.